Craft Communications offers creative and interdisciplinary Marketing- and PR-concepts. We are a full-service communications studio based in Düsseldorf, Germany.


Without a doubt: nowadays the perfect combination of the single disciplines is more important and complex than ever. Any successful brand strategy needs a strong mindset, a clear message and a consistent tonality.

Values and a spirited lifestyle need to be communicated and lived through all channels. Sustainability is key. The audience wants to be moved by and identify with the brand to build trust and remain loyal.

Having a strong brand identity is vital to connect with your audience. We help you identify your unique brand-feeling, help communicate it and stay relevant in the long run. We never lose sight of the bigger picture: Successfully combining relevant trending topics, content, messages and unique cooperations with a brand.

We believe in integrated, authentic brand experiences that meet today’s zeitgeist. We are tomorrow’s storytellers, who stage content aesthetically and on point, bringing to life moments that inspire.


Communication connects - and so do we. We combine the best of the corporate- and agency-worlds, together with a passion for contemporary creative communication concepts.

We have demonstrated our talent and expertise over the past 10 years, and as Head of Marketing and Account Director PR we have worked for international brands and

creative agencies,developed global marketing strategies and implemented international events, public relations- and digital campaigns.

Fashion, Food, Beauty, Fitness, Art or Travel - with our unique network we create emotional stories and authentic lifestyle content for every brand experience, that engages and changes someone’s mind.


People do not buy brands, they buy benefits and content.



We think and live interdisciplinary communication. Marketing and Public Relations are our craft.


Work process





Our expertise and our know-how are the sum of our combined experiences. We have successfully worked with a variety of international brands and companies across all sectors.

We have worked directly with brands, such as Pointer Footwear and Carhartt Work in Progress and looked after a number of clients for agencies such as Jung von Matt and Ogilvy. Below is a sample of both current and past projects and customers.



*    p.p. Ogilvy
**  p.p. Jung von Matt

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